A Simple Method for Choosing the Perfect Gift

Imagine a situation. You have to or want to buy a gift. For someone you know, for someone you love. A gift with a big G. You want to impress, you want to entertain, and hopefully you want to stay in memory. Finding gift ideas for your relatives, friends, and colleagues is a challenge. A waterfall of questions comes to mind. But the most important are these three critical challenges. What, from where and how much?

The best thing is to do some quick research or maybe a little brainstorming. Free your mind, get organized and look around. If you have enough time, than go outside and do some land search. There is a huge possibility to buy something memorable. Do not lose your head! Almost every time is possible to find something. But what if you are unlucky and the desired stuff is simply out of reach. You cannot travel to other side of the town, you cannot jump to the plane, because the lack of time or simply because of the expenses. Other very important aspect is your budget too. If you are on low-budget it is very unlikely to think about diamond designer watches or perhaps an artwork from some of the best artists.

So what to do now? Think global, go local or maybe Google it. Sounds easy, however, sometimes is not so straightforward is to get a perfect present. If your laptop is nearby (along your credit card) there is only one question left. Yes, we are talking about the object of our desire. So what on earth will you buy for your boss, mother in law or perhaps (when the circumstances are more friendly) for your beloved wife?

Do not buy something that could go soon. Make a deeper impression and buy something he or she can enjoy every day. So instead of a box of Swiss chocolates (although everyone loves them) consider to give something that does not fade fast. Give memories and not items.

Be creative and be in his or her shoes for a while. But please don’t buy ordinary daily necessities. Make it out of ordinary. Make a friendly attack with surprise! You can ask yourself first. What could you say to this person and what to give him or her to communicate the message? This is a different approach in comparison to the more common “what to buy” style of thinking.

This method will help you to make a faster decision and focus on more personal approach. That helps you to design the perfect solution, because is more personal and you can expect a much deeper impact. Do not put your attention on item; put it on the individuality of your friend (or relative). Make that person think of you every time he uses your gift. Your friends will feel more satisfied with your gift. They will know that they are precious for you. Not just because of the given present, but because of the shared state of mind.

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The Unique Gift Shop team

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