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Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings! This is the classic line from the 1940s Christmas drama It’s a Wonderful Life. Angel wing necklace is a delicate and personal piece of jewellery.

These delicate guardian angel callers look lovely! Well crafted artisans created this elegant silver jewellery, with its flamboyant design and subtle decorative elements. The smaller piece inside giving the bell its gentle ring. Your bell will remind you of angels taking care over you. From the time when man has held faith in angels he has also tried to tie together their help and power. Chimes, incense and prayer are old invocations used in different faiths and cultures.

These silver bells, made on the hills of holy mountain, in the heart the intensely religious isle of Bali are nicely shaped and hallowed with refinement and love. The calm jingle of the tiny bell will go with the wearer all the time bringing to psyche the likely existence of angels. The bell will help to protect you from unwanted negative energy in the universe, while the lovely sound will peacefully calm your spirit and heart. We believe our silver angel bells from Bali have the prettiest sound of all the bells. These are beautifully crafted pieces.

With good luck, and a heart wide open it we hope that the angel wing necklace could also draw interest from heavenly and holy beings. Every silver angel wing necklace has been given a certain name. Only you, knowing this name can give the bell meaning and purpose. A gift of a silver angel wing necklace is truly a souvenir from the heart.

Artisans from Bali usually used to create their jewellery from 92.5 silver. Available in 23mm, 18mm 16mm and 12mm sizes. The neck cords also have silver detail and clasps. The small bells inside are balance brass or ceramic and resin. All our items are unique pieces. This silver angel bell is really cute! This sweet and fun double angel wing necklace is sure to become a favourite go-to piece, wear alone or layer up!

Even though there’s no such thing as perfect jewellery, the silver bells are trendy and on the pulse of the time. You will give something to hold on to your memories or remember your relationship or friendship. The winning idea is clearly to give small, but smartly chosen presents that come from the heart. This range of jewellery symbolizes tradition and craftsmanship from the artisans able to create sophistication that never goes out of style.

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