Chocolate Amatller Beauties

amattler chocolate tins detail


Amattler chocolate leaves are the perfect gift for cocoa connoisseurs 

If you love chocolate, you’ll absolutely adore  these unique and delicate 1900’s reproduction tins of dark Amatller chocolate leaves. Beautifully designed, these small vintage-style tins are filled with delightful hand-crafted pieces of quality chocolate. Tasty and rich, this is quite simply chocolate of the highest quality,  70% dark chocolate, it’s simply impossible to resist the allure, so when you place each chocolate leaf in your mouth, the challenge will be to savour the moment and allow the chocolate delight to slowly melt in your mouth, rather than devour them all in one sitting. Perfectly balanced, chocolate Amattler is never too sweet, these chocolates celebrate the taste and the power of chocolate and cocoa, not sugar. So the great news is it’s an irresistible guilt-free treat… well almost!
Chocolate with provenance

Over two hundred years old, the company is one of the oldest established chocolate makers in Europe 

Founded in Spain in 1797, the Amatller brand, has a history we can rely on. Experts in their field, all their chocolate creations including the roasting of the chocolate beans is made by and taken care of by the company.

Their distinctive packaging, unique vintage-style boxes and tins were first used by the company  over  two centuries ago. Great art lovers, the Amatller family members who started the company, used their visual merchandise to celebrate their heritage and the work and creativity of famous artists. Beautiful, well designed and highly collectable Amatller chocolate tins have always been little pieces of pleasure you can nibble, admire and keep.  The artistic integrity and passion for art is still tangible , just  hold each perfectly created package of chocolates and you’ll feel it, after all, every design is inspired by real  historical artworks created by art greats including Rafael de Penagos and Alfons Mucha.


Style Mucha

Alfons Mucha, a creative genius who inspired art and chocolate lovers alike

One of the most prominent artists of the Art Nouveau movement, Alfons Maria Mucha was born on the 24th of July, 1860 in Ivančice, Moravia,  then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire , now known as the Czech Republic.

A prolific artist, Mucha created a plethora of beautiful paintings, posters and illustrations that are as impactful now, as they were when he created them.  Mucha arrived in Paris in 1887 and lived a productive, but largely anonymous life until he produced the promotional poster ‘Gismonda’  in 1894 for the French stage and early film actress Sarah Bernhardt, once known as the ‘most famous actress the world has ever known’. This powerful image and the subsequent images he created, would catapult him to fame. Known as ‘Style Mucha’, Mucha developed an extremely effective  and much copied style of advertising poster, featuring a beautiful woman surrounded by flowers and decorative elements. The allure of the featured woman would capture the viewers attention and ultimately direct their attention to the main message – the product itself. Proving himself not only to be a consummate artist but a marketing master too,  Mucha was truly ahead of his time.
Mucha  created a variety of memorable advertising posters for legendary Parisian printing company F. Champenois. In fact his artwork for Champenois Imprimeur-Editeur is almost identical to the poster painted for Chocolate Amatller Barcelona.

An artist to be studied as well as admired, in Mucha’s works the form and function is equal.  Amatller offer the same principle with their chocolates and their tins – Amatller packaging is the same top quality as the  delicious chocolate content. And so we have it… A sweet little piece of chocolate enveloped in affordable artwork. A truly unique delectable treat from chocolate amatller!


chocolate amatller tins designed by alfons mucha