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How To Make Three Berry Jam At Home In A Breadmaker

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My very short recipe about how to make three berry jam.

Freshly made bread with a knob of a butter and homemade jam it is the best delicatessen in the world. And thanks to my mother and my grandmother I have had this privilege not often appreciated since I have eaten my first food. I always wanted to have my 4 children this experience but living in a flat with no garden to grow fruit it is quite impossible task. So when I bought my first bread maker I thought I must have a go. Definitely.

When I close my eyes and put a glass of jam up to my nose I see myself in my mum’s garden seeing my mum harvesting the ripe fruit, putting the fruit in the huge cauldron and mixing the fruit with the enormous wooden spoon. This scene is quite impossible in our two bed London flat. Never mind. We have a bread maker.

Jams and marmalades can be quickly and very easily prepared in any bread making machine. Even when you have not done it before, you really should try it. I promise you. It will be worth it. Believe me.

So, frozen fruit is the best. It is believed that as soon as the fruit is harvested it is put in the freezers to be frozen and keeps all the vitamins and nutrients.

So there is a my very easy way how to make three berry jam at home in your breadmaker quickly and easily.

I used 900g of frozen three berries – blueberry, blackberry and red berry. I meshed it with a masher I use for the mash potatoes and then placed it in the container. I added gelling sugar bought in my local supermarket. I used 1 kilo. Use only this type, not the household sugar because it contains a jellying agent and the preserve will then not be firm using any other sugar. Mix the fruit with the sugar and start the programme, which now will run automatically.

After the programme has ended pour jam into glasses and seal them very well. My mum used to put them upside down so the hot jam would seal the lid.

Enjoy responsibly 😉





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