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Java Pandan Leaf Bag – Renew Your Style and Spring Outfit

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Renew your style and spring outfit immediately with our new must-have range of natural handmade fashion bags made in Indonesia. Check out the vibrant colours, unique craftsmanship and detailing of some pandan leaf bag. Our leaf bags come in a pretty good range of styles and colours. Whether you are a student or a busy mother, our choice has something for everyone. You will grab them every time you leave the house. You will love them. Great to wear anytime of the year. All labelled with nice header card and bar-coded.

Native artisans from Indonesia are highly crafted and able to produce bags from leaves of the Pandan plant. They cut leaves and dry them in the sun, colour with natural colours, weave together the strips of plant to create this beautiful yet practical bag. Frequently called pandanus palms, these plants are not closely related to palm trees. Pandan, scientifically known as Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant in the Pandanus (screw pine) genus, which is known commonly as pandan leaves. The tree grows twenty-six feet high. In ancient times, the leaves were used for making house thatching and women’s grass skirts. Creators of early fashion styles used to pin together women’s grass skirts. Cooking enthusiasts used to bake pandan cakes and has also been used in rice and other recipes. The strips of the leaves are used in making woven baskets, for rice serving or other food items. The fresh pandan leaf also has medicinal properties.

The Indonesia bags are made out of the raw materials, pandan. Local craftsmen collect the leaves from plants in the wild. Just the young parts are cut so the plant will revive. All the leaves are then sliced in thin strips and sorted for extra processing later on. Weavers from local villages make basic mats rolls from the leaves or ropes for other designs. First the leaf is torn into strips and dried in the sun. This is then woven into a rough fabric using wooden block moulds to create the desired final shape. The next step is a colouring process. The workers place all mats in drums with water-based colours. After drying, they shape the mats into final products, such as place mats or beautiful jewellery boxes. They used to apply colouring touches. The next stage is adding together the linings labels and zips. Finally they apply the decorative elements of design.

Fashion is no longer limited to clothing or jewellery but it has also made its venture into accessories. Ladies shoulder bags are perhaps the most important accessories of today’s fashion industry. Contemporary pandam bags are used by women of all ages. From middle-aged women to even teenagers.


In the online gift shop you will find our new selection of Java pandan leaf bags, or one perhaps one nice rice bag hat among others. As a special offer, for our customers we’re pleased to offer you 20% off our entire collection for your spring order! Don’t forget to quote coupon code ART-SPRING13 when you order.

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