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Make Your Own Party Chocolate

What makes a party memorable? Is it the stunning way the room is set, or the creative touches that make you immediately feel welcome? How about to try something unusual, out or ordinary? As a surprise treat, you could make your own homemade chocolate as a gift for party visitors and guests. Turn to the chocolate maker experts and create something amazing! This easy chocolate recipes can be made with your kids! So have some good family fun!

Two Coloured Chocolate Cups

Here are the ingredients:
100 g (3 and a half oz) white chocolate for the shells
1 tsp good strong instant coffee (consider decaffeinated for kids)
1 tsp warm water
50 g (1 and ¾ oz) dark chocolate
1 tsp coffee liqueur (for adult version only)

Basically, we are going to create white chocolate coffee cups filled with dark chocolate.
Don’t Panic, the method is simple:

Temper the white chocolate and use it to paint the inside of 12 small paper cases. Leave it to dry. Apply a second coat of tempered white chocolate to the inside of each case and leave to dry again. Instead of paper cases you can use silicone moulds. We can heat them to high temperatures; they are durable and food safe. Dissolve the coffee in the warm water, or to say it simply, make a strong coffee. Melt the dark chocolate with the warmed double cream. Mix together the dark chocolate with the dissolved coffee and the coffee liqueur to give it a mild kick. Using a piping bag, pipe the mixture into the prepared white chocolate cases and leave to set. Carefully remove the paper cases (or the silicone moulds) from the chocolates.

And here is another one, maybe a bit more complicated:

Marzipan Ganache with Almond Flakes

Firstly, we are going to make the marzipan base

Ingredients for the marzipan (roughly 100g):

50 g (1,6 oz) slivered blanched almonds
50 g (1,6 oz) sugar (or caster sugar)
10 g (0,35 oz) light corn sirup

How to make the marzipan:
In the bowl of a food processor fitted with the blade attachment, process the almonds into very small pieces but not powder, about 20 seconds. Add the sugar and corn syrup. Process until the mixture begins to form into a stiff paste and holds its shape when pressed together, about 45 seconds (for a smoother texture process longer). Transfer to a medium bowl, cover, and refrigerate until ready to use.

Ingredients for the ganache (glaze):

100 g (3 and a half oz) dark chocolate chopped or peeled for the ganache (or glaze),
plus a little extra for firming it up if needed
40 ml (2 fl oz) boiling water
110 g (4 oz) dark chocolate, chopped or peeled for dipping
a few freshly toasted almonds or almond flakes for decoration

Roll the marzipan to a thickness of 4 mm (1/8 in). Using a 1.5 cm (3/4 in) round pastry cutter, cut out approximately 20 marzipan circles.

For the ganache:
Pour the boiling water over the chocolate and stir well until fully incorporated. Allow the ganache to firm up a little. If the chocolate seems too soft, add a little extra melted chocolate and stir well.

Using a piping bag, pipe mounds of ganache about 1 cm (1/2 inch) high onto the marzipan circles and leave to set. Temper the chocolate for dipping and dip each chocolate so it is fully sealed. Decorate immediately with almond flakes, then leave to set before cutting away any feet (the little bits of chocolate around the base where it hasn’t set quite neatly) with a sharp knife.  Enjoy and hide a few pieces for yourself too. Remember, they will disappear quickly!


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Marzipan Ganache with Almond Flakes - Two Coloured Chocolate Cups - Two Coloured Chocolate Cups - Two Coloured Chocolate Cups -



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