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My Son’s 8th Birthday Number Eight Cake

Sooner or later in their childhood, most kids will pine for a number cake for their birthday party. Cakes shaped in the form of the year they are turning, all iced and decorated in their favourite colours and flavours are a fantastic theme for kids birthday party to celebrate their age. It could be a challenge to cut, assemble and cover. But, it is not that difficult as you would think and it does not have to be the most challenging task you have ever asked yourself to make or you were asked to make, but it would be even easier if you pick a cake that matches your skills and time you have available for it.

Number 8 is the easiest number cake to make.

For my number 8 I used 2 * 20 cm vanilla and chocolate round cakes.

I cut circles out of two round cakes and a few centimetres off the edge of each cake. Push them together to make an 8 shape and stick the sections together using a light smear of buttercream to make it easier to work with. When assembled trim around the edges and across the top of the whole number cake to make sure that it is completely even at the sides and there are no bumps or ridges where the two cakes meet.

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