Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party on a Low Budget with Fair Trade Gifts

The life today is very competitive and often expensive. It’s in human nature to always be growing and evolving. We all want to succeed and be better than the world around us. So our kids are. When they play, learn, and interact with each other, they compare themselves and attempting to overcome their friends and peers. Who will be the best, who will be the first, who will have the newest toy or who will have the best birthday party? How to plan a great party and keep your budget low? Get inspired! These ideas will enlighten your party organizing efforts.
1. Keep It Simple
Always try squeezing the expenses into the budget. You do not have to rent a magician, face painting artist or a bouncing castle to entertain the little ones. Do it yourself! Be creative and a bit adventurous! It is a surprise, how easy is to make a nice face paint, a simple muffin or a tasty pizza. Just give it a try! You can make a cheap and creative menu with the help of your own children. You will earn their lovely smile and a satisfied feeling of a happily spend activity.
2. Theme it!
To make your children’s party memorable, you can find a suitable theme. Inspire yourself by literature, movies or just ask your kids! A good idea is to think within the boundaries of your home, or the existing wardrobe of your children. Sometimes is enough to alter their existing clothes, so you do not have to spend extra bucks for borrowing a party costume.
3. Decorate It Yourself
It would be easy to buy some ready-made glitters, banners or decorations and other stuff with no personality. Do not buy it! Do it yourself with your kids. Make a research, find some tutorials, books, buy cheap colored paper, glue, paints and brushes in the pound shop and plan an artistic afternoon with your offspring. You will enjoy it!
4. Trim Down the Guest List
The list creation is a very personal experience especially, when we talk about the friends of your youngsters. Let your kids decide, but persuade them to invite the closest friends only. The last number may vary and it depends on what you mean by closest friends and on the size of your party area. Try to keep it between 8 and 15.
5. Do Your Own Party Food
A catering company can literally skyrocket your expenses. A great way to save money is to cater the food yourself. Keep it easy, colorful and fun. Probably the best option is to offer a simple variety of small-sized finger food portions. There are limitless possibilities to combine different sort of fruits or vegetables to prepare mouth-watering salads. It is an easy task, so let the children help. The more experienced little chefs can try to make some sandwiches with tasty decorations on the top. No party is perfect without a colorful jelly. Looks great and the kids will love them!
6. Compose a Well Balanced Party Bag
We cannot imagine a cool birthday party without a birthday cake, but no one can disagree that the party bag is perhaps the second most important element of every successful party. A good habit is to put a piece of this important piece of bakery to every party bag. Yes, you should give sweets or baked goods a chance, but they last only for a while. The winning idea is obviously to give small, but cleverly chosen presents. Usually we call them party bag fillers or favor bags. A nice but unusual pen, a small wooden toy, an interesting book or perhaps a cool bookend. Motivate your children to show their personality through a given gift.
Organizing a birthday party should not cost you a fortune. Do it wisely, keeping your budget low and your creative effort high, you will experience a fantastic time and a lot of fun with your beloved!


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