Pancake Day: How to make pancakes from scratch

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My four boys do love pancakes so much. They can eat them every day, anytime – breakfast, lunch, dinner and with anything – chocolate spread, peanut butter, jam, honey, maple syrup.
Every year around the 17th February my children love to remind me “Mummy does not forget the pancake day.
Well, I always tell them we a have a pancake day when we want it and like it. Not only in February.
Anyway, this year we have decided to have a bit different, however still pancake.

Yeast pancakes from scratch

You will need;
15g fresh yeast / ½ tablespoon dried yeast
30g caster sugar
250 – 300g plain or wholemeal plan flour
500ml lukewarm milk
Pinch of salt
Oil or butter for frying
Fillings: anything you like (jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter spread – the sky is your limit)

If you are using fresh yeast – my mother swears by fresh yeast, dissolve 1 teaspoon of caster sugar (granulated sugar also fine) in about 100 ml of lukewarm milk. Add crumbled yeast to sugar solution. I was told not to stir when I was a child and let mixture stand until yeast begins to foam about 5 – 10 minutes. Then add the mixture to remaining ingredients.
Remember to decrease the total liquids in the recipe by 100ml to adjust for the liquid to dissolve the yeast.
Instant Yeast can be dissolved in liquids before using, if preferred.
Mix all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
Whisk the egg and put it in a bowl with dry ingredients. Add remaining milk and instant yeast or foamed yeast solution.
Mix all the ingredients except oil or butter, in a bowl until a thick batter forms.
Let the batter rise for one hour in a warm place. Or you can put it in the fridge to use it the next day.

Ladle or spoon small amount of batter to the pan.
Cook the pancake for about 2 to 2 ½ until golden brown on one side. Flip it over, and cook about 1 ½ to 2 minutes more until golden. Transfer your batter to a plate and cover it with a lid or other plate to keep the pancakes warm while you fry the rest. Repeat with the remaining.
Pancakes are very addictive and very filling. If you do not like them very sweet you can sandwich them with cheese and ham and put them on the pan or grill.
The taste is to die for.

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