Unique Giftware Ideas

  • Android Phone Overheating And Battery DrainageAt Your Own Risk! I have the One Plus One Phone and I’m in general happy with the phone but over the last couple of month I noticed that my phone is getting hotter and hotter, especially around the camera and the battery is draining faster and faster. Now towards the end, the phone got almost boiling hot and the battery only lasted 4 hours! WHAAT! Now as you can see in the picture above, I managed to fix that problem and my phone runs faster than ever and the battery lasts over a day now. How did I do
  • Elfies HeadphonesSharpen your ears and liste up, you need this elf-like headphones but you just don’t know it yet. Perfect for listening to the Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack while slurping a matcha latte. Stick out your green tongue at everyone who stares longer than 5 minutes, then they know your the elf boss! We’re currently working non stop out of cafes while traveling Vietnam and I’m so sick of blasting brainless pop music. So sick of it. I wish these headphones would instead of playing music, just cancel all the sounds. Please! I honestly need that. I’m starting to think
  • eBay Keyword Bargain HuntingOur site Lastminute Auction has been around for some serious time now and it’s pretty popular. It’s not the prettiest one BUT that’s not the point. We find you some incredible bargains. The concept of the site work. Finding you bargains on eBay with only one hour left and the auction price at only ONE USD. We added a new feature, let’s say your a Pokemon Fan. You can now set up alerts, so every time we add a Pokemon auction meeting our criteria, you’ll get an alert. So you can snatch up some amazing Pokemon goodies at a very
  • Coolest Pokemon LunchboxGot to eat the all! Never miss a lunch again with this super awesome and handy looking Poké Ball lunch box. Now you won’t get beat up because people are jealous of your bento lunch but now people will beat you up so they can just carry your lunchbox for you. And in case you come across a rare Pokemon Monster, gobble up your food and throw your Pokemon lunch box like a crazy person. Whoops it’s the second time you threw it against the head of your little brother. Listen, your brother is not there to be collected. Buy
  • Armchair Travel Puzzle SliderDon’t waste your hard earned money for airplane tickets and hotels. You can now travel the world from the comfort of your home. Puzzle your way around the world. Our new puzzle app features thousands of travel photos from our travel project For 91 Days. Every time you solve a puzzle you’ll receive a paragraph of information about the photo with a Read More button for more info, videos and pictures. Of course we also want to inspire you to see the world with your own eyes and make your own experiences. Traveling has become the main purpose of our