Unique Giftware Ideas

  • How To Peel A Pineapple Super SpeedyThis woman should do pineapple speed peeling as a live feed on social media. People couldn’t stop watching, counting all of her fingers every time she finished peeling one. She would be famous and rich in no time. Even more famous than that dude who did the pineapple pen video. And I do feel sorry that this song will be stuck in your head until YOU DIE!!! How To Peel A Pineapple Super Speedy We spotted this speed pineapple peeling lady close to our apartment in Saigon, at the Chợ Thị Nghè market in the Binh Thanh district. Watch two
  • The Anti Welcome DoormatThere is nothing better than a subtle undertone but if it’s not getting picked up, there is nothing better than being super direct. It’s not like you didn’t try to make yourself understood but sometimes people just won’t and don’t want to understand unless you spell it out for them. Save Your Breath With The Anti Welcome Doormat The Go Away mat is a neat addition to every front door. I’d add a little sub info, something like “And Never Come Back” Just to make sure, you know … sometimes they’re not going to pick up on your first attempt.
  • Vietnamese Weasel Poop CoffeeI’ve heard about Vietnamese Weasel Coffee before and thought this sounds kind of fun. But the more I heard about it, saw how it’s actually made and seen how the weasels are actually held … I find it really disgusting. First of, you would almost never seen a Vietnamese person leisurely ordering a cup of weasel coffee. So this kind of coffee is to scratch the itch of the “extreme” tourists of Vietnam. I have zero interest of every trying the most expensive coffee in the world. Mostly because you’re drinking poop! The weasels are fed coffee beans, which are
  • The Goldfish Bike Ladies Of SaigonWondering around the streets of Saigon now for 2 month and I thought I’ve seen it all. I guess, never! Saigon keeps surprising me and that almost on a daily basis (Does this sentence make any sense? Well, no! But it sounds good?) On this day we headed out to explore District 3, to be more specific Ward 7 and there they were. The two ladies just chatting along, probably talking about work (how many fish bags did you sell today?). The sight of their bikes loaded with bags of goldfish was just so weird. All of those fishies still
  • Meet Mofu – The Fake Vegetable / Fruit SubstituteDo you feel weird (I don’t) consuming meats in front of your vegetarian or even worse vegan friends? Made feel horrible by their guilty looks and comments. Well now there Mofu, the vegatable / fruit substitute. It’s actually meat but it tastes, looks and smells like vegetables or fruits. So you now have your meat fix even if you’re forced to attend to yet another vegan picnic. The best of course paying it back… Mofu – Like The Real Deal How many times have you been tricked, thinking what you’re eating real meat. But then the hyper excited face your