Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

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Illustration by Pablo Picasso

On Sunday March 10 we celebrate Mother’s Day. People in the country will take time to do something unique to express thanks their mother for her help and maintain during the last year. But why do we celebrate this day?

A little bit of history…
The first celebrations can be traced back to the ancient Greek event dedicated to Rhea. RHEA was the mother of the gods. In Christian world Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Lent. As Christianity reached the other parts of Europe the celebration evolved to tribute both the Mother Church and mothers. It was in the 1600s when in England the phrase Mothering Sunday was first coined.
Usual gifts included a cake prepared of wheat, sugar, milk and spices. In Scotland and Northern England pancakes made of steeped peas fried in butter with pepper and salt. It is also interesting to note down how commercialized of a celebration it is. In the western world, Mother’s Day is one of the biggest days for sales of flowers, cards, and long-distance telephone calls.
But why does it have to be one single day to show our love and respect to our hard working moms? We don’t even have to buy a gift; she would just be happy to not have to do anything and just have a day to relax. For that reason, we should honour our mothers every day, not just on one day of the year.